Winter 2019 Course Schedule

January 14-18 Portrait Drawing Fundamentals - £205
January 21-25 Portrait Painting Fundamentals - £235
February 9-10 Weekend Alla Prima Portrait Painting - £120
February 16-17 Weekend Alla Prima Portrait Painting - £120
February 25- March 1 Figure Drawing Fundamentals - £205
March 4 - 18 Portrait Painting Intensive - £490


Starting in 2019 I will be teaching courses out of my studio at St Margaret’s House in Edinburgh, Scotland for both drawing and painting from the live model.
In the studio, work is done sight size, the subject being rendered on the canvas at the same size at which it appears to the artist; a technique employed by leading artists of the late 19th century and by several high level painters and academies today. It is used in an artist’s training to avoid mannerism in drawing and allow for an effective, disciplined study of natural appearances. The studio is located on the 6th floor of St Margaret’s House in Edinburgh, Scotland. Equipped with north facing windows allowing for the canvas and model to be lit by the same, even, north light. Natural light is beneficial in the painting studio as it has greater character than electric and shows the subject or model with a variety of colour temperature well worthy of study by the oil painter.

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Courses run from 10:00 - 13:00.
Most materials not included.
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